What We Offer

The Toothcamp Pediatric Dental Clinic welcomes infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs. To ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles, the clinic offers preventive care services such as regular checkups, cleaning and fluoride treatment. Comprehensive restorative treatment and interceptive orthodontics are also available. Dr. Georgia believes that proper dental care goes beyond the Toothcamp Pedriatic Dental Clinic, so she involves parents and other caretakers by informing them about oral hygiene habits at home and in school. For babies, we strongly encourage that you set your child's first dental visit before the first birthday.

The Toothcamp Pediatric Dental Clinic has a bright, colorful and child-friendly atmosphere. It holds a playhouse, toys, books and a library of movies to keep patients entertained while having their treatment.

Here, we treat both the most basic and most critical dental problems with a range of services that covers:

  • Check-ups - Routine check-ups with our expert dentists are focused on preventing tooth decay, especially since this can lead to poor social performance of the child. Our dentists will also give advice on how to make teeth strong and how kids can develop healthier eating habits.
  • Cleaning - Dental prophylaxis prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Our cleaning services remove plaque from the teeth and tartar above the gum line. The teeth are then removed of stains and polished.
  • Flouride Treatment - Minerals are lost from a tooth's enamel layer when acids from plaque bacteria as well as sugars from food attack the enamel. Fluoride treatments will make the teeth more resistant.
  • Restorative Treatment - Such treatments strengthen teeth with defects or large cavities, preventing decay, fracture, or wear. We provide comprehensive restorative dental treatment, such as pulp treatment, and stainless steel or aesthetic strip-off crowns. These can be done under in-office sedation with Nitrous Oxide with Oxygen or via IM-IV sedation.
  • Orthodontics / Interceptive Orthodontics - Performed before all permanent teeth have erupted, interceptive orthodontics restructures the jaw to prevent crowding and allow permanent teeth to grow more nicely. Schedule appointments with Dr. Rosabelle Pike at Toothcamp for this treatment.